VRV Multi-Split Type Air

Variable Refrigerant Volume air-conditioning

The Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC program is a relatively brand new technology developed by Daikin, society's leading HVAC maker. Brand new VRV systems offer high levels of energy savings, along with freedom. They run quietly and offer the user full control of the environmental conditions.

While standard HVAC methods tend to be limited by one condensing product, one compressor plus one evaporator, a VRV system can be designed to especially meet the requirements associated with the building. One condensing product is attached to several evaporators, every one of which are separately managed.

just how a Variable Refrigerant amount (VRV) runsIn a traditional HVAC system, the system kicks on when a-room is simply too cozy or cold; however, a VRV system continuously adjusts the amount of refrigerant being sent to each evaporator and takes advantage of present heat or cool air inside building. This varying speed enables the machine to the office just as required in each area to keep the coziness amount.

The end result is a custom-designed HVAC system that keeps every area of your building comfortable at a fraction of the energy price. Clickto find out more about the Daikin VRV program.

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