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Image titled Recharge air Conditioner in an automobile Step 1Determine if you have any refrigerant remaining in your system anyway. For this, you need to fit a charging hose on the low-pressure slot, that will be on the refrigerant line on the vehicle, generally nearby the accumulator. Be sure to make use of eye protection. When your system is wholly discharged, it may be polluted with dampness, and charging cannot provide satisfactory results unless the source associated with the leak is found, repaired, plus the receiver dryer is changed. The available system must be repaired and purged making use of a vacuum pump to remove environment and dampness. You will also would you like to add compressor oil in the event that system happens to be leaking. Proof of oil leakage and measurement of oil left in a replaced compressor would be a guide as to how much oil to restore.

Check for any obvious leaks. If the system has actually lost enough refrigerant to stop working, you've got a leak. Tiny leakages may take months to diminish the refrigerant so that the AC does not sweet, but recharging something with an important leak is just a waste of the time. Try to find refrigerant oil residue on hose pipe, tubing, and accessories that are part of the refrigerant system. Spray a soapy water option on fittings and watch for bubbles to seem, indicating a leak.

Image titled Recharge the atmosphere Conditioner in a motor vehicle action 2 Make sure the condensing coils are not obstructed with debris, and that the compressor is operating. To test a compressor with a low charge you may have to leap pressure switch, usually on the accumulator.

Touch your refrigerant can. This is done by totally opening the valve in the tapping fitting, which retracts the tapping pin to the device human anatomy. Failing continually to do this can lead to the tap puncturing the will when it is put in, releasing the refrigerant ahead of the fitting is sealed.

Securely thread the tapping device on the refrigerant can, close the device completely closed. This pushes the pin to the the surface of the will, to be able to release the refrigerant if the device is opened.

Purge the charging you hose. Open up the device until such time you notice it fill with refrigerant, then slowly loosen the brass installing that connects the hose pipe toward device. Try not to enable refrigerant to spray on bare skin, because will freeze skin tissue on contact. Re-tighten the hose pipe once you've heard refrigerant escaping; this will have forced any environment (and dampness) through the hose pipe.

Image titled Recharge the atmosphere Conditioner in a Car action 3 find the lower force recharging port on the refrigerant range on your own vehicle. This is on the bigger tube, usually near or on accumulator. Link the fast coupling making certain it is not leaking.

Crank your engine and turn the AC on large cool, high fan. Should your recharging hose comes with a stress gauge, check it to ascertain in the event that system requires refrigerant. In the event that pressure holds steady into the suggested range, the system is full and really should not be recharged. If the force is underneath the recommended range, follow the directions to charge the system.
  • Another indicator the system requires refrigerant is the fact that compressor cycles rapidly. If compressor switches off and on every 5 to 20 seconds, its likely due to low-pressure. You will observe the pressure drop if the compressor kicks on, the compressor will shut down once the stress gets too reasonable, as well as the force rises back-up into working range as the system equalizes.Image titled Recharge the Air Conditioner in a motor vehicle Step 6 Compressor biking (changing on / off) in a totally recharged system should-be very slow (any 30 seconds or up) or perhaps not at all current (compressor remains on) in warm weather.
  • Bear in mind in the event that air conditioning followers for the radiator take and functioning with while the AC system is on. If the compressor is on, the air conditioning followers also needs to be onto help out with air conditioning the freon in the condenser, situated in a choice of front or behind the radiator. Many automobiles have 2 followers, with one becoming focused on the AC system

Start the valve until you notice refrigerant moving through hose pipe.


Allow the will to dispense its contents. This frequently takes anywhere from two to five full minutes. The hotter the surface temperature, the greater rapidly the articles will discharge. Keep carefully the might using faucet up all the time, to allow non-liquid refrigerant into the suction side of the system to prevent compressor harm. Cannot overcharge! A manifold measure should-be regularly determine both high and reduced part pressure. Consult a Pressure temperature chart.


Close the valve and disconnect the hose as soon as the might is empty or no further discharging adequate to keep carefully the can cold. Look at the billing interface for leakages, and change the synthetic cap.


Look at the environment through the AC vents in automobile. It should be blowing cool (38-45 degrees), or even, either one will of refrigerant wasn't adequate to charge the machine, or other element could be the issue. Usually do not overcharge! A manifold measure must certanly be regularly measure both large and low part force. Consult a Pressure heat chart.

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