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Air Conditioning Refrigeration Institute

OSU Institute of Technology offers the only air-conditioning & Refrigeration (ACR) level in Oklahoma. Students enrolled in the ACR system understand and develop their particular technical and electrical skills regularly put in, fix and maintain air conditioning units and connected components. Become a professional in refrigeration equipment eg electric yards, refrigerant data recovery units, manometers, venting yards and heat recorders.

“With an ACR tech level, you won’t only fix ac units - unless you like to. You might work for small businesses with 1 or 2 specialists or a lot of money 500 firm. All of them desire our students.

– Roger Shepherd, Asst. Division Chair

An important part of the ACR program may be the required internship all students must finish. Students use their higher level skills and understanding in a real-world setting and face challenges they will certainly encounter on the job. Interning at small and large companies with diverse consumers and settings allows students to experience the spectrum of the atmosphere conditioning and refrigeration industry.

After earning a co-employee of used Science in Construction Technologies - ACR, graduates may start their career inside their hometown or across the globe dealing with service technicians, commercial plants, domestic places, hospitals, motels, telecommunications companies, or come to be self-employed.

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