Heated Flooring

Heated Flooring

STEP Warmfloor® radiant-heat is approved for use with any floor covering including: natural rock, porcelain and porcelain tiles, hardwood and laminates, resilient, and carpeting.

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Engineered lumber

ACTION Warmfloor® is a technologically advanced level vibrant heat which includes a set self-regulating home heating factor made from a semi-conductive polyethylene. The radiant heating elements consistently circulate heat properly, evenly and effortlessly and will be applied for numerous applications.

The flexible polymer heating factor can be so slim that it will not impact your flooring accumulation, weight loads, or flooring choices. STEP Warmfloor® special qualities ensure it is a powerful radiant-heat option for brand-new construction, remodeling and retrofit applications alike.

Heated Floors under Hardwood, designed timber and Laminate


Plank design finished floors are available in numerous forms, sizes and colors. The luxuriant look and feel among these flooring products along with a STEP Warmfloor® radiant heating system produces a finished floor installation that significantly improves the convenience and worth of your home.

Action Warmfloor® is a superb system is used under designed or hardwood floors. For a timber flooring, it is very important having a minimal and stable heat generally flooring surface. Because STEP Warmfloor™ is self-regulating, the material functions like a sensor throughout the entire floor area and for that reason, cannot overheat. For heated flooring under hardwood, it is vital that temperature remains below 86°F or damage to the timber can happen.

Radiant-heat really should not be turned abruptly on and off, because will subject the lumber fibers to be repeatedly traumatized, causing tension fractures, gaps and twisting. With STEP Warmfloor® the heating level are lowered to attain the ideal constant heat through a STEP Control™.

Installation of ACTION Warmfloor® under lumber is a breeze; simply cut the element towards the appropriate size and make the electric connections. Secure the current weather toward sub-floor (with approved tape, basics, or pegs) and cover relating to trade practices.

Warming under Tile and Stone

Out of all the common finished flooring products, tile and all-natural stone create the coldest sensations. Own a deluxe cozy floor by integrating a radiant home heating under the tile, that will considerably improve not only the comfort of your house, nevertheless the value aswell!

Action Warmfloor® home heating elements could be put in right inside mortar underneath tiles and rock. Just roll out sun and rain, slashed them to your desired length on-the-job web site, protected elements towards the sub-floor with basics or approved tape, thereby applying tiles or stone in addition to the slotted elements.

In wet areas, the home heating elements have to be properly installed under a waterproof membrane in order to prevent dangers of sneak present and/or short-circuit. Although STEP Warmfloor® is a low-voltage (24-Volt) system and should not harm you, it's unpleasant to feel a tingling sensation on the ground.

Heating under Carpet

Of all the commonly used completed flooring materials, carpeting gives the warmest sensation on the ground. Despite the fact that this is actually the situation, numerous carpet installations will benefit from usage of a radiant flooring warming system, particularly if the flooring is over an unheated area.

Action Warmfloor® heating elements could be installed straight underneath carpet with a carpet pillow above the elements. Merely roll out the sun and rain, cut them to desired length on work website thereby applying.

Thermal Insulation

For almost any floor heating or radiant-heat system, the usage of correct thermal insulation is necessary. Without the utilization of insulation, cool stripes from the finished floor surface is obvious even with a tight factor spacing. As the very least, you need to have much more R-value below the elements than overhead.

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