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Standard Plumbing and Heating

1912Herman C. Grabowsky starts a small plumbing work business in a storeroom beneath the lobby of Barnett Hotel in Canton, Ohio.

1916 The company purchases and relocates to the current place into the historic Reichart building in downtown Canton.

1950 Herman's son, Robert, enters the company, after graduating from Purdue University with an engineering degree.

Mid-1950's traditional is awarded the greatest air conditioning project in Stark County - Canton City Hall. This is the beginning of a regular's participation when you look at the quickly growing air-conditioning business.

1971 Robert assumes the presidency associated with the organization.

1979 Robert's boy, David, enters the business after graduation through the University of Colorado with a qualification in business economics. He becomes an estimator/project manager along with an officer of this business.

STandard Heting and Plumbing1989 Sheet steel Crafters, Inc., a joint venture partner organization, is made to supply sheet metal installments for many of Standard's tasks.

Late 1970's and 1980's Standard's solution department develops from an initial base of four service technicians to over 15, making traditional Plumbing & warming a full-service technical contractor.

1987 The Mansfield part office had been set up due to online business offerings in Mansfield location.

1997 Robert passes the title of president to David.

1998 the business breaks floor for one more building down the street from their headquarters. The growth provides 9, 000 sqft for warehousing and pipe fabrication.

2006 The company acquires an extra 15, 000 sqft of warehouse area to allow for growth.

2009 The Mansfield procedure acquires 10, 000-square-foot warehouse on path 30, expands the solution department and adds a sheet metal department.

We know the purple traditional vans. You can find 67 organization cars on the way.

Principal Office

435 Walnut Ave. SE

Canton, OH 44702

Phone: (330) 453-9191

Fax: (330) 453-9111

Provider Dept

610 Walnut Ave. SE

Phone: (330) 453-5150

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