Low heating oil prices have

Home heating oil prices Maine

Heating Oil Delivery from Colby & GaleHeating oil is among the best and most reliable sourced elements of domestic and commercial heat. Oil is a very steady, combustible, non volatile item. #2 oil contains 139, 000 btu’s per gallon, which makes it a robust way to obtain heat during the cold months. Colby & Gale was delivering home heating oil to Lincoln County since 1946, and over the years we’ve seen significant improvements in product we deliver plus the methods we fuel.

Effective: modern-day oil heat methods can run from 85-90per cent effective.

Clean: Todays oil is processed 80-90 percent more than into the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Most widely used: Nearly 70per cent of homes in Maine heat with oil.

Numerous: With over 40 countries today producing oil, the world’s oil supply remains very stable.

Secured: Non explosive (in reality, it won’t even burn in a fluid condition).

Now’s enough time to freeze your savings with this 2014-2015 cost Protection Plans! Stay safe and cozy this winter understanding Colby & Gale takes care of you. Whether you’re on a budget or simply choose to plan forward, our cost cover Plans will match your requirements.

Automated Delivery

The reason why spend cold weather worrying all about the amount of gas in your tank? Our automatic distribution service helps you save the stress of seeing your gauge. Allow Colby & Gale make sure you always have a great amount of fuel for a warm winter season!

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