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Heating units for homes

Room products are non-ducted heaters made to heat up the space or area into that they are placed. These heaters can be utilized in brand-new building applications but are more perfect for retrofitting electric baseboard heated homes, supplementing a current home heating whether it is electric or fuel, changing lumber or pallet stoves, heating an innovative new inclusion or a cold spot in the house.

Area products can be found in five (5) designs differing in size from 1.32kW – 10.8kW.

During off-peak hours, ETS heaters convert electricity into heat and shop that heat in specially created high-density porcelain bricks. These bricks are capable of storing vast quantities of temperature for longer periods of time. The actual quantity of temperature stored in the stone core for the heater is regulated (by hand or immediately) in accordance with seasonal climate conditions.

The heater’s built-in room temperature thermostat is adjustable towards desired comfort level and will get a grip on the distribution of heat from the ETS heater. With a heat call from thermoregulator, the fan will uniformly and quietly distribute the stored heat inside bricks to meet comfort requirements.

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“These heaters will be the best as well as your assistance with concern, etc., is the best. Constant heat, clean, efficient and low cost…”

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