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Converting to central air conditioning

Converting central-air units to R-A is a project for HVAC professionals.Converting central-air devices to R-A is a project for HVAC professionals.

By 2012, the home heating, ventilating and ac (HVAC) industry is within the procedure for switching over from ozone-depleting R-22 refrigerant to environmentally-friendlier R-410A refrigerant. The manufacture and import of full brand-new HVAC methods making use of R-22 was prohibited in the U.S. in 2010, but parts for R-22 systems and the R-22 refrigerant it self remain available as of 2012 to HVAC contractors for repair work. Changing an R-22 HVAC system to R-410A is a significant task and is not a do-it-yourself task.

Major Modifications

Transforming an R-22 system to R-410A is a lot like converting a diesel motor to operate on fuel; it can’t be done without making major modifications towards the whole system. When it comes to HVAC methods, transformation needs replacing the R-22 compressor, evaporator and condenser with units made to run with R-410A. Often the copper outlines connecting the components in addition must be changed, but it might possible to completely clean, flush and dried out the outlines when they are designed for the higher pressures of R-410A.


An essential part of this transformation process is the removal of all dampness from the system and ensuring it's free of leakages before billing utilizing the R-410A. The polyethylene-based lubricating oil stops working in the existence of liquid. After the new R-410A technical elements tend to be set up and all sorts of range connections brazed, the installer must link a vacuum pump to your system, draw it down seriously to a vacuum of 500 microns, and hold it truth be told there for a couple of hours, drawing out any traces of water vapor that boil out from the system inside tough cleaner. Leaks into the system succeed impossible to hold the cleaner until they have been discovered and fixed. Once the system is dried out and tight, the specialist may charge the system with R-410A.

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