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air conditioner freezing upFiguring away why you have your ac unit to ice up are discouraging, however it is not an uncommon issue. In the event that you’ve look over any of our articles, you then understand that we have been a little, U.S. Veteran-Owned company in Southern California, and pride ourselves on providing honest, right responses. Actually, the majority of our posts target each one of two things: first, typical air-conditioning problems that people have; or 2nd, the questions we have asked most frequently. We are frequently expected the question, exactly why is my air conditioner freezing up? There are a number of reasons behind an air conditioner to freeze up, therefore really doesn’t matter if it is a window AC unit or a central ac – the sources of, and solutions to, an air conditioner that keeps freezing up are exactly the same. You should deal with this matter – a frozen ac will not only cool incorrectly, but could in fact be seriously damaged if it keeps freezing up. When you have this dilemma, you have to approach it instantly – it won’t solve itself. In this specific article, we'll let you know what causes a central air conditioner to freeze up, and what you can do to repair it.

The Joule-Thomson Impact – Exactly How Your Ac Freezes Up

air conditioner freezing up diagram of how it functionsStandby for a tiny senior school physics course. We don’t have to go too detailed, therefore keep beside me, but understanding this principle is key to figuring out the reason why your ac is freezing up. The Joule-Thomson impact is a principle in thermodynamics which states that when anything else is held continual, after that as a gas expands, its pressure reduces, and its particular heat will also reduce. Likewise, as a gas is compressed, its temperature increases.

This is because that which we feel as temperature is really simply a measurement associated with the level of energy a molecule has actually. Basically, if environment particles are bouncing around quickly, you then would feel this environment as hot. If air molecules are getting around gradually and sluggishly, you then would feel this environment as cool. It’s that simple.

Exactly Why Is My Air Conditioning Equipment Freezing Up?  Just How To Fix Your Iced Up Ac. window air conditioning unit freezing up air conditioner freezing up frozen evaporator coil air conditioner freezing up outside

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