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trilogy-unitIf you're searching for a unique cooling and heating system for your house, you may well be asking ‘what is the greatest or most effective system online?’

Really, look absolutely no further. ClimateMaster’s Trilogy® 45 geothermal heat pump system exceeds 45 EER, that is currently the highest in the industry.

EER represents energy savings Rating and it is accustomed speed geothermal temperature pump air conditioning performance because of the the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute/International Standards Organization.

In general, the larger an EER indicates the more efficient system one's body is, and more money it may save in your home’s bills.

Furthermore, the Trilogy 45 system is recognized as ENERGY STAR® most effective 2015 for exceeding stringent performance needs.

The Trilogy 45 is really efficient because of the method in which the Trilogy 45 operates. Traditional cooling and heating systems begin to provide your heating or cooling and stop when the desired temperature is fulfilled. Switching on, or starting again to offer home heating or air conditioning, needs countless energy.

At the same time, the Trilogy 45 system works at lower speeds for extended periods, maintaining a continuing comfortableness when using less power due to not constantly switching on / off.

The Trilogy 45 system was designed to operate gradually and regularly for maximum performance and top cost savings. On an incredibly hot or cool time, the Trilogy 45 speeds up and delivers full comfort (capacity) whatever the outside atmosphere temperature.

HVAC Installers

Domestic heated water has become the 2nd biggest individual of power in US homes these days (a lot more than ac generally in most places into the U . S)¹.

To cut back hot-water costs, ClimateMaster created a patent-pending technology called Q-Mode® that attains over 80per cent cost savings by generating full time, year-round hot-water at 500percent+ performance.

In addition, Q-Mode provides additional energy cost savings from no-cost cooling when simultaneously warming liquid using this technology. Q-Mode tends to make Trilogy unique from other services and products by making such reasonable operating costs doable.

An Award-Winning Cooling And Heating System

Our Trilogy system was seen as among the top 100 many theoretically considerable items introduced in the marketplace. Co-developed utilizing the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Trilogy Q-Mode won a prestigious R&D 100 Award for 2013, acknowledging Trilogy’s groundbreaking enhancement in heat pump technology and energy efficiency.

Ultra-Quiet Procedure

Trilogy 45 is so peaceful that you'll barely know it is working. The device was designed to run slowly and regularly, and unlike standard environment resource systems, there are no loud outdoor followers to interrupt you or your neighbors.

Security and Cleanliness

Geothermal systems make use of no flames to heat your house, so dangerous carbon monoxide and gasoline leakages are eliminated. The Trilogy 45 geothermal Series makes use of foil-faced insulation and a stainless metallic strain pan for simple cleansing.

Breathe Simpler with Superior Indoor Air Quality

The Trilogy 45 delivers superior atmosphere purification for improved interior quality of air making use of MERV 11 filters and improved atmosphere exchange because of extensive run times.

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