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Mini Split air conditioning systems

concern for Our Specialists:

“What’s up with ductless air-conditioning? A friend of mine informs me it’s much better than standard ac as it does not waste energy cooling the ducts in the house or workplace. Plus, it appears as though a much less expensive option. Can you share some pro’s and con’s of ductless ac? Will there be a “catch” or significant disadvantage to ductless air cooling? Does Tuckey offer, install, and service ductless air conditioners? Thank You For your assistance!”

Our Professionals’ Response:

The brief answer – Ductless air cooling is a legitimate alternative that could be considerably better than old-fashioned whole-building air-con methods in particular conditions. However, take into account that ductless systems are intended for spot-cooling/heating only – they're not a cost-effective choice for air conditioning a complete building. Installation and procedure prices are not necessarily more affordable than a well-maintained standard system with ducts. All of it relies on the building design and requirements of buyer. A tuned Tuckey professional can survey your home or workplace and discuss the most readily useful alternatives for your specific building design. Tuckey does indeed sell, install, and solution both types of system (old-fashioned and ductless).

The step-by-step response – Ductless air-conditioning are more desirable than standard air cooling in certain situations in which running duct tasks are not feasible. Ductless units are normally interior, wall-hung units with an outdoor partner product associated with refrigerant piping. They have been similar in idea to screen A/C products but function a whole lot more quietly and effortlessly as a result of heightened technological design. Also, interior ductless systems try not to prevent down a window. Our company is assuming that the duct work mentioned within the concern above may be the mainstream kind, that will be put in in a choice of a basement and/or loft area. Often, there simply isn’t the space to install this behind-the-scenes gear. This kind of situations, ductless air-conditioning are a great choice.

As requested, here are some pro’s and con’s regarding ductless air conditioning units:


  • The units may be set up on someone basis from room to room, providing the ability to sweet or warm each room as desired and thereby conserving power. One feasible application includes office areas where individual requirements come into play from one part of the building to a different. Various other great programs would add sun areas, Florida rooms, and three- or four-season rooms. The extra room or workplace positioned on the garage normally an excellent application for a ductless system.
  • Normally the installation of a ductless system isn't as intrusive as a typical ducted device. This differs, but with every unique residence design.
  • Today’s ductless devices in many cases are remote-controlled, allowing you to adjust the temperature from anywhere within vision regarding the unit.
  • Ductless methods happen put in consistently without much trouble.


  • There could be circumstances by which a ductless system appears to be obtrusive in a living area, dining room, or kitchen. Likewise, a ductless system may conflict with the established décor for the room or home. Old-fashioned air conditioning systems tend to be more quickly concealed – all that you see could be the vent!
  • The refrigerant and empty lines must be capable penetrate wall space to obtain outside towards external product and/or empties. This involves working the pipes, etc. in what is known as “slim duct”. This may conceal the lines; but you may need to have the piping on a finished residence revealed externally (depending on the house and set up). Normally it could be worked around but could be lower than pleasing to the eye with respect to the specific circumstance. To some, this is a huge concern, specially when considering the aesthetics of the home (both interior and exterior).
  • Unless home or workplace has a wide-open floor plan, you'll need multiple ductless devices to cool or heat up the complete area. This fundamentally escalates the cost of installation.
  • Remember that ductless devices are made for “spot air conditioning” – not designed to keep heat equally through the entire home (especially in a big home) unless multiple systems/zoning are put in. Now, but ductless methods could become cost prohibitive – standard systems tend to be better.
  • The technology used in ductless systems is often proprietary. For that reason, there aren't any universal parts that'll fit the gear. Replacement or free components always must certanly be bought via the manufacturer alone. This could induce difficultly receiving replacement parts.

We might not agree totally that ductless units are more efficient because they “don’t need certainly to cool ductwork like a traditional unit.” In the event that standard product is set up correctly, the duct work may be insulated against reduction. Certainly, security against loss is substantially much better than years back whenever there was clearly a larger loss towards the system because badly insulated ducts.

Also, most brand-new traditional-style air cooling systems are a lot more efficient than prior designs; hence, “whole-house” air cooling will not always cost way more to operate than ductless split methods. However, air conditioning specific areas at the same time (spot-cooling) would require less power with ductless systems as zoning is much more efficient with this particular kind of system than conventional methods.

Yes, Tuckey does offer, install, and solution both kinds of methods. A property survey performed by a Tuckey sales representative is advised to ascertain which system will most readily useful match your requirements.

The conclusion: consider two concerns before you make the decision between ductless and conventional ac methods:

  1. Do I need to cool off the whole building (house, office, etc) or simply just particular spots?
  2. Is there space for ductwork and relevant equipment within the walls, attic, and/or basement?

When there is area when it comes to ductwork and you are clearly looking to cool a whole building, after that conventional air-con methods are most likely the way to go. If you don't, then start thinking about a ductless system. In any event, Tuckey Mechanical solutions makes it possible to select the most appropriate system for your home, company, or commercial plant. Check us out at or call (717) 524-1136.

If you have your very own concern to “Ask our Specialists, ” please see . We anticipate reading away from you!


DISCLAIMER: This article is supplied as a research guide just. All technical, electrical, plumbing work, renovating, metal fabrication, and repair projects should be managed by a professional, expert specialist such as the Tuckey businesses. Information provided here's of a broad nature that could not be relevant throughout situations. Recommendations, articles, and associated information never portray an official suggestion of Tuckey businesses.

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