Fig.8: Split air Cooling Units

Diagram of air conditioning system

ac-diagramIn the event that you’ve gotten an estimate for setting up a new central air conditioning unit recently, you have been somewhat puzzled because of the lingo that has been regularly identify different elements of the system. So what does a condenser and coil want to do with everything? You just desired a quote on a new ac unit appropriate?

I would ike to lose just a little light on the terms that explain all the elements that make up your air cooling system.


That round’ish machine that sits outdoors on the floor that everybody means because their ac unit is theoretically described as a condenser. You’ll also notice it known as the ‘outside unit’ also. Section of your condenser is called a coil, or condenser coil, not to be mistaken for the evaporator coil that is in your home connected to the furnace.


This is the bit of your air cooling system that many individuals never ever see. it is contained in a metal field called a plenum, and sits over your furnace. For those who have a horizontal furnace in an attic, the evaporator coil will take a seat on one end regarding the furnace instead of on top. The ‘inside device’ or ‘indoor coil’ are other common brands that are used whenever discussing your evaporator coil.


Lineset is the copper refrigerant lines that operate from your own condenser (the surface product) to your evaporator coil.


It’s quite typical for individuals to help make the blunder of calling their outside unit the compressor instead of the condenser. A compressor is a huge element that sits within the condenser (the surface device).


The plenum could be the material field that sits on top of your furnace and homes the evaporator coil.


The condensate strain is the white synthetic (PVC) pipeline that operates from your evaporator coil towards drain within flooring, or to the condensate pump which was installed if you don’t have a flooring strain. This pipe permits the condensate (moisture) that the evaporator coil creates to be drained from the plenum.

I have questions regarding the names of these ac elements all the time, therefore ideally this helps get rid of any confusion about what the various components are known as. I’ll post another article describing just what every one of these components do for those of you who want to dazzle your pals together with your step-by-step knowledge of exactly how air-con really works.

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