School Bus Air Conditioning

School Bus Air Conditioning


An ultra-low profile roof HVAC System featuring ComforTEK for shuttle and college bus programs. a remarkable move from styles of the past, bringing revolutionary design principles that improve airflow with Thermo King’s ComforTEK to boost convenience and effectiveness. Choose SLR for several small and medium coach applications from 16’ to 35’.


A complete number of HVAC systems for small and mid-sized cars. Thermo King offers a total ShuttleAIRE product line to meet up with many programs, including tiny to mid-size buses, vans, ambulances, security automobiles, and special purpose automobiles. These systems tend to be supported by a’s largest global solution business and tend to be designed for powerful, dependability and low maintenance when it comes to life of the vehicle.


Thermo King provides an entire StudentAIRE type of HVAC methods to meet a wide range of pupil transportation applications. These methods tend to be sustained by the industry’s biggest global solution business and are engineered for high performance, reliability and low-to-zero maintenance for life of the automobile.


The BE number of bulkhead evaporators for shuttle applications. Ideal for headroom clearance situations or flushmount front side or back bulkhead places, Thermo King bulkhead evaporators deliver exemplary performance in a tiny quantity of room. These units happen made to deliver exceptional capability and durability while carrying out as effectively possible.

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